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Whether you wound up here through a determined search or the result of sheer happenstance, it seems you’ve found the right place. And now that our paths have irreversibly crossed, it’s time for introductions. I’ll go first.

Let’s begin with the element of my persona you’re undoubtedly pondering most. My carpentry skills. I’m kidding, of course. You want to know how I look, don’t you? I’m happy to share.

Accurate self-description is always tricky, but let’s give it a try:


Remember that adorable creature you always pictured during those bawdy farmer’s daughters jokes? Fresh-faced and sweet, with eyes that dance with a mischievous gleam? Congratulations, you’ve found her! While I may not be an actual farmer's daughter, I am the embodiment of that bawdiness.  Having been born and raised in the woodlands, I suppose it only makes sense that I would retain my wholesome, rural looks – even as my vocation has taken me far from the small town of my youth.


At first glance, you may notice my buxom figure, artfully sculpted, exuding a natural and undeniable femininity. The smooth, inviting lines of my silhouette, a testament to the timeless beauty of the female form. While my plump frame offers much to admire, there’s something about a voluminous set of mammaries that dominates the landscape.


Come closer and you'll see silken, dark tresses, impressive in length, contrasting sharply with my porcelain skin.  A stunning curtain of healthy, virgin, incredibly dark hair that's soft to the touch (yes, you can touch my hair!), cascading around my face in a way that accentuates its striking features.


Your eyes will soon be meet by my dark come-hither eyes, smouldering with an intensity that hints at hidden desires. A memorable shade of exceptionally deep brown framed by almond-shaped contours and long, natural lashes.  Pair with full and inviting lips, bearing a smile that promises warmth and a night of passion, and you've got the final flourish.


Now to the prize beneath the package – my personality.


Friendly is an overused word these days, but it’s the best one to describe my temperament. The compliments I've received over the years paint a woman who is passionate, warm, and authentic with a sincere love for all creatures. I have no constructed persona, no superficial charm. You'll meet the amorous, alluring and most importantly, genuine woman you envisioned. Credit my rural upbringing for my charming personality if you must.


I'm a woman who takes life with a generous pinch of weird and revels in the oddities and whimsical aspects of the world around me. I tend to get along best with those who are a bit out of the ordinary, but are also cultivated enough to be in touch with their own inner world.


I am forever obsessed with: The crunch of snow, deep belly laughs, late nights, crisp winter air, breakfast for dinner, lounging in my undies, curling up under my fuzzy blanket with a good book, all things dog (can I pet your dog please?), really bad movies, and cheesy jokes that make people groan.


I could go on, but I think true introductions are best made in the flesh...


38G natural
Where are your manners? lol
Long straight brunette
Deep brown
Caucasian, European
No tattoos
photo link











$420 HOUR










Within Canada: 

6 hour minimum booking

+$200 - $500 travel fee 

+All travel expenses 








$7500 week

+$1000 per additional day 

+All travel expenses





Life happens, and sometimes a cancellation is unavoidable. Regardless, please be considerate and inform me in a timely manner.

  • Less than 2 hours notice/no show: 50% 

  • 2 hours to 6 hours notice: 25% 

  • 12+ hours notice: No fee *excluding repeat offenders,

    Multi-hours (3+ hrs), FMTY, and vacations are subject to day(s) - week(s) cancelling/rescheduling notice depending on the length of the booking. 

Exceptions made for regulars who make cancellations/rescheduling short notice a rare occurrence.

Why do you charge a cancellation fee?
Upon confirming our rendezvous, I clear my schedule and allot that time for us. Often, I decline other requests to ensure we keep our appointed visit. Short notice cancellations commonly prove difficult to arrange an alternative tryst. Please understand my policy is not in place for me to profit from, but to partially compensate me for lost earnings due to a short notice cancellation/reschedule.


My rates are non-negotiable. Any attempts to barter will result in permanent cock-blocking. ​


For $100 I will come to your funeral, but stand really far away, holding a black umbrella regardless of the weather, so that people will think you died with a dark and interesting secret. 



  • Do you provide outcalls outside of the city limits?
    I do. By vehicle, I provide outcalls up to an hour and a half outside of the city. A travel fee plus deposit is required for all out of town appointments. About half an hour from Calgary (Okotoks, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, ect.) Minimum hour booking +$60 travel fee About an hour from Calgary (High River, Strathmore, Crossfield, ect.) Minimum 90 minute booking +$120 travel fee About one hour and fifteen minutes from Calgary (Canmore, Clairsholm, ect.) Minimum 90 minute booking with +$200 travel fee. About one and a half hours from Calgary (Red Deer, Drumheller, Fort Mcleod) Minimum 2 hour booking plus $300 travel fee. Banff: Minimum 2 hour booking +$350 travel fee
  • Can you give me a reference?
    Given that our time together went smoothly, and you have seen me within the past year, I will gladly serve as your reference for another lady. Please inform me beforehand, otherwise -in the spirit of discretion- I won't disclose any information.
  • What is your availability?
    I am a part-time provider, so my availability varies from week to week. It's best to contact me in advance to arrange a rendezvous that corresponds with both our schedules - otherwise you may end up disappointed. Granted, I understand devising such debauchery in advance is not always possible, so you should certainly try your luck at contacting me same day.​ With notice, I can usually be persuaded to rise a littler earlier or extend my bedtime for some late night shenanigans. ​
  • Can we keep in touch between sessions?
    I'm open to the occasional friendly text check-in from regulars, but I prefer that our digital communications primarily revolve around bookings. I'm an outlier when it comes to enjoying the digital age's connectivity.
  • Do you offer any virtual services?
    Virtual services are not in my repertoire. I do not offer any phone calls, sexting, platonic texting, pic/vids, camming, etc.
  • Where are you based? Where do you host?
    I am based in Calgary and host from a private, discreet location about 8 minutes SW of downtown.
  • Can we meet "off the clock"/hang out?"
    While I often have fantastic chemistry with the gentlemen I meet and enjoy our time together, I've found it vital to keep a level of professionalism for a healthy, uncomplicated relationship. Therefore, I do not meet outside of scheduled, compensated sessions.
  • Do you see couples?
    Yes, yes, and yes!! I am naturally bisexual and LOVE spending time with experienced or first-time couples!
  • Do you see -x- demographic?
    I maintain strong non-discriminatory values and welcome clients of any ethnicity, age (24+), gender, orientation, size, physical attributes, ability/experience, disability or religion. With that in mind, I am selective in my clientele’s character, which largely contributes to my genuine enjoyment of my chosen vocation. I only meet people that demonstrate kindness and respect, allowing us to build a connection and have a mutually enjoyable experience!
  • Why have you chosen this profession?
    Have a seat and kick back. This gets a little complicated. Let’s first understand that my unusual career choice was neither an off-the-cuff stroll through the dark side of life nor a desperate move by an out-of-options trauma survivor. In fact, I spent years trying to wedge myself into a more conventional career, life, and relationships. It took a while, but in time, I figured out that it was not for me. Restless and bored, I craved more from life than the daily grind of a 9-5 job could offer. The world I came to embrace was a pretty wild shift from the norm, and I have no regrets about embracing it! I meet a dazzling array of people and had the kinds of experiences that have added much to my life. The path I’ve chosen to take is radically different than the one that would have landed me in the day-to-day clock-punching world – and that is precisely why I chose it. My daily life is rich with the kind of deep connection and romantic splendour I wouldn’t be able to find as a bank manager or driving instructor. At its most rewarding, my profession is full of healing, soothing, warmth, and very sincere sweetness.
  • What is your 15-minute rate?
  • What if we’re having so much fun that I'd like to extend our time together?
    If I don’t have any prior commitments, I will likely be thrilled to keep a good connection going and extend our rendezvous. Naturally, extended dates must be compensated accordingly before we continue enjoying each other.
  • What do your lovers call you?
  • Are you able to come to my hotel/private residence?
    You bet! I’m happy to come visit you. A travel fee does not apply within the Calgary city limits.


  • Twitter




If you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible. While I will try my best to delay our scheduled time, understand that if I have prior obligations following our tryst, it may affect our time together. 


Please have honorarium available at the start of our date without me having to request it. This puts me most at ease.

Incalls: Please place the unsealed envelope on the entry table upon arrival and excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up after getting acquainted.

Outcalls: Honorarium can be placed on the bathroom counter before my arrival. 


​​​I’m a big believer in keeping things unrushed and casual, but try to understand that there’s only so much flexibility in my schedule, and getting too casual can be a problem. Lingering may be fun, but it can make things awkward for both of us if I have to ask you to take off. Please be mindful of the time and leave when your booking time has lapsed.


Recording/photographs of me or our time together are strictly prohibited and not consented to. 

If I discover this has been breached at anytime, I will pursue legal action. 

Incalls: All personal items (sunglasses, key fobs, watches, lighters, phones, etc.) must be left outside the bedroom. You may leave your belongings on the ottoman, desk, or in the bathroom. 

Outcalls: Cover security cameras and stow away everything in the bedroom (electronics, phone chargers, alarm clocks, and all other small items)


When leaving a review, please feel free to share: professionalism, punctuality, appearance, overall experience and enjoyment from the date... But let's keep it PG, the more intimate details of our time together should be left as sacred between the two of us.


I will always be showered, fresh, and bright-eyed when we meet. I ask the same of you.

If you have not showered within the past hour, please make use of the awesome shower at my incall. If you have showered, great! Just excuse yourself to the bathroom to freshen up with some mouthwash and a good handwash. 

If I'm visiting you, please have a good rinse and freshen up within an hour of my arrival. 



Romantic friendships with clients can be fun, but it doesn’t take much for privacy to become an issue – for either of us. The best way to prevent any worries of this nature is to avoid prying for info in my personal life that could be ‘sensitive'. I know we both value discretion in this industry, please keep personal details of our time together between just the two of us. 


I am highly, highly religious. I require a framed photo of Raptor Jesus by the bed so we can consummate our love in his honour. 

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